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Caitlin Corkery is a producer with an equal love of comedy and spreadsheets, brainstorming big ideas and organizing little details. She dreams in lists, remembers birthdays, and strongly believes in building joyful productions. 

She developed and produced two original children's series for the local PBS affiliate, WHYY, securing a $1.8 million grant to fund the projects. The preschool series Albie's Elevator follows the adventures of a self-appointed elevator operator as she learns about her own big feelings through visits to real artists. The Infinite Art Hunt serves as a virtual field trip, taking viewers to real art spaces as the kid host, Freddie, works her way through a summer bucket list. Caitlin acted as the showrunner for both series, while leading the writing team, managing timelines and process, and occasionally building dioramas, knitting small mittens, or puppeteering when the situation called for it. Both series are available for national programming through American Public Television. 


Caitlin produced the premiere season of the local restaurant review show, Check, Please! Philly, as well as the WHYY's first digital series, Delishtory, now featured on PBS Digital Studios. She developed a branded content model for the station's underwriting department through the interstitial series, Second Wind, and directed a promotional series in support of national programming, Philly Eats the World

Previously, she worked as an Associate Art Producer handling pre- and post-production for an advertising agency and as a Creative Services Production Assistant for the children's network, Sprout. She also directs freelance commercial projects, writes plays for a local theater company, and hosts the Philadelphia Moth Story Slam. 

Additional skills include video editing, motion graphics, puppeteering, making up ghost stories, wrangling small children, sewing, crafting fake birthday cards,  long distance driving, hand modeling, pasta twirling, and doing whatever it takes to make a project happen. 

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